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Imagine your city with
shorter commutes safer streets lower carbon emissions

Bluecity combines artificial intelligence (AI) and lidar to collect multimodal traffic data and improve road safety and efficiency.

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The Modern Solution for
Outsmarting Traffic

  • Reliable 'ground-truth' traffic feed regardless of lighting or weather

  • No collection of private data

  • AI turns raw lidar data into actionable traffic information

  • Precise measurement of all modes of transport

  • Real-time decision-making based on artificial intelligence

Bluecity developed IndiGO, its computer vision and traffic data platform, to provide real-time, traffic data and analytics. The IndiGO solution is a technology based on AI-powered sensors that provide pinpoint accuracy about the speed and trajectory of cars, pedestrians, bicycles and more.

Unlike camera-based systems, our technology always respects the privacy of citizens. Data is captured using sensors, not photos or video.

IndiGO sensors are easy to install and provide reliable data in any extreme weather or poor lighting conditions.

Make Your City Smarter & Safer

Traffic analytics to improve safety,
shorten commutes & reduce emissions.

  • Safer streets for everyone

    Reduce the number of traffic related collisions by using IndiGO's real-time traffic data. Identify problem intersections and improve the timing of traffic signals so streets are safer for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and all citizens.

  • Less congestion and traffic headaches

    Use AI-based traffic data insights to improve mobility and the progression of traffic so congestion is reduced. Lidar technology provides data-based decision-making, so better management of urban growth and travel times during major construction becomes a reality.

  • Smarter planning for smarter cities

    Monitor and analyze traffic performance to look beyond cars. Include all modes of transport and optimize your urban planning. IndiGO iQ’s traffic metrics include volume and direction of pedestrians and cyclists, so planning is based on the most accurate information.

  • Lower emissions and improved air quality

    Traffic delays on streets and roadways result in wasted fuel consumption and pollution. The IndiGO platform helps improve air quality by lowering CO2 emissions from traffic jams, leaving a cleaner city for future generations.

Innovative Solutions for
Data Collection and Analysis

Analytics Platform

IndiGO iQ is a powerful, customizable platform that allows you to see traffic data in real time. Simply log in and choose one of your sensors then watch the traffic at that intersection stream live. Choose your parameters and download your data.

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AI + 3D Lidar

The best urban planning results from capturing multi-modal 24/7 traffic data. IndiGO is a powerful solution that provides information about the type of road users, the count, speed, trajectories and more in real-time.

With IndiGO, you access valuable information about which intersections are the most dangerous or where traffic light timing needs to be adjusted.

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Actionable solutions for a variety of needs

  • 01

    City planning departments

    Urban populations are growing and the number of vehicles on the roads is increasing. With tight budgets and the need for improved planning increasing, municipal planning departments need efficient and cost-effective access to traffic metrics. IndiGO’s lidar sensors have a 360-degree field of view, so an entire intersection can be covered with one sensor, resulting in lower installation and integration costs.

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    Engineering & consulting firms

    Bluecity’s technology provides easy-to-install and reliable traffic data with enhanced metrics, such as real-time incident detection, warning messages, real-time accident prediction, hotspot identification and more.

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Bluecity uses lidar and artificial intelligence to deliver modern traffic solutions for smart cities and engineering firms.

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