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About us

Committed to Making
Streets Safer

Bluecity goal is to make streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We do this by combining artificial intelligence and lidar sensors to provide more detailed, real-time traffic data for the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) industry. Our team believes in the power of technology and its ability to solve problems. We envision a world where traffic accidents are rare, driving to work is a pleasure and carbon emissions are reduced.

  • Conception

    In 2018, two Civil Engineering PhD candidates, Asad Lesani and Ting Fu from McGill University, discovered their mutual passion about traffic safety. They were interested in exploring lidar technology to provide real-time traffic data to make transportation safer and more efficient. They were soon joined by Ian Boyd, a Master’s in electrical engineering student whose expertise was in applied artificial intelligence. Ian believed that AI could play a pivotal role in increasing traffic safety. Before long, Bluecity was born. To help the firm thrive, Philip Lassner joined as CRO and would help the team accelerate growth.

    The company was soon chosen to participate in Canada’s first smart city project in Kelowna, BC. Partnering with the City of Kelowna, and running on Rogers 5G network, Bluecity installed IndiGO 3D sensors at multiple intersections. The data collected is stored on Microsoft Azure and is available to students at the University of British Columbia for research on traffic safety.

  • Focus

    Offering municipal traffic operations teams, urban planners, engineering and consulting firms a new option when it comes to collecting traffic data, Bluecity’s focus is, and has always been on traffic safety and efficiency while respecting the privacy of citizens.

  • Growth

    Bluecity’s IndiGO solutions are currently installed at intersections and enhancing traffic planning in the following cities:

    • Montreal, QC
    • Trois Rivières, QC
    • Cote-St-Luc, QC
    • Kelowna, BC

    With the success of these projects, many distributors cities have expressed interest in reselling IndiGO’s technology globally.

  • Future

    Our team is looking forward to discovering other applications where IndiGO can be used to improve real world problems. We believe our unique and detailed data can help improve planning in other industries. Bluecity is excited about the future.


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