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A more accurate solution for counting pedestrians and cyclists

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Accuracy counts when counting people.

  • 1D

    IndiGO 1D is an accurate and cost-effective solution when you need to measure the volume of pedestrians and cyclists in real-time. IndiGO 1D uses Lidar technology, a method where light from lasers and sensors capture data that includes volume and direction.

  • Data

    Data can be sent instantly to trigger actions. For example, a stop sign can start flashing if a cyclist is detected.

  • Lower Cost

    While IndiGO 3Duses multiple beams, IndiGO 1D uses a single beam and 2 sensors, making it a lower cost solution with much longer battery life. IndiGO 1D is easily installed in minutes and settings are configured onsite.

A New Low-Cost Choice For Better Accuracy

IndiGO 1D gives urban planners, engineering and consulting firms new options for counting both people and cyclists. No need to employ 2 systems, IndiGO 1D accurately counts both.

  • 01

    Superior accuracy

    With 95% accuracy, pedestrian information is captured with more precision than other systems including infrared or pneumatic tubes.

  • 02

    Easy to install

    IndiGO 1D is easily installed in minutes, unlike inductive loop detectors and pneumatic tubes which require expensive and intrusive installation, or infrared systems where installation can be tricky.

  • 03

    Low battery consumption

    Just one IndiGO 1D system can accurately count pedestrians and cyclists for up to 2-3 weeks.

  • 04


    Waterproof and works accurately in all weather and lighting conditions. No internet connection required.

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