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A smarter traffic solution that combines lidar technology and artificial intelligence

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IndiGO 3D brings more intelligence to traffic.

  • Cost Effective

    IndiGO 3D is a cost-effective solution for capturing multi-modal 24/7 traffic data in real-time. The ideal solution for city planners, traffic operations teams, engineering and consulting firms. Lidar technology uses light from lasers and sensors to make 3D representations that can capture traffic data. IndiGO 3D provides information about the type of road users, the count, speed, trajectories and more.

  • Quick Set Up

    IndiGO 3D is simple and quick to install. In most cases, only one sensor needs to be installed a chosen intersection. The edge box that processes the data is installed on the same pole or in the cabinet. Full installation is usually complete in a few minutes.

  • Cloud Based

    There is no need for expensive infrastructure, fibreoptics or large bandwidth. Data is processed at the intersection and transferred to IndiGO iQ, our cloud platform. You can then access valuable safety analytics, such as learning which intersections are the most dangerous, where do people cross against the red light and where should the timing of the traffic lights be adjusted.

The Smarter Choice

IndiGO 3D is unlike any other traffic monitoring solution.

  • 01

    No privacy issues:

    Traffic information is captured anonymously without identification of citizens.

  • 02

    Reliable in any kind of weather:

    Camera-based systems are unreliable in rain, snow, fog and other conditions with poor visibility.

  • 03

    Accurate in any lighting, from bright light to darkness

    Sensors capture data in bright lighting or darkness with the same precision.

  • 04

    Low cost:

    IndiGO 3D is easily installed in minutes, unlike inductive loop detectors and pneumatic tubes. With IndiGO 3D's 360-degree radius of perception, only one sensor is usually required for an entire intersection.

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