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Bluecity’s IndiGO iQ solution is easy to use and customizable, so you see the traffic information you need in real-time. Simply log in to see your sensors, as well as a map with their intersection locations. Then choose an intersection on the map and view the real-time and aggregated road user data.

Processing Traffic Data

Our IndiGO iQ solution processes raw traffic data, transforming it into the kind of valuable metrics you need for planning, such as:

  • 01

    Classification of the road users

    IndiGO’s sensors are able to distinguish between cars, trucks, pedestrians and more, so you get detailed data for better decision-making.

  • 02

    Presence detection with user defined virtual loops

    With IndiGO, you can define the areas in the intersection where you want sensors to detect road users.

  • 03

    Speed analytics

    Discover more than how many cars are using an intersection. Learn how fast they are travelling as well.

  • 04

    Crosswalk Occupancy

    Only IndiGO gives you information about crosswalks and how many pedestrians are using them at any given time.

Specialized Safety Analysis

You can choose to subscribe to specialized safety analytics which include data on:

  • Number of near

  • Detection of red-light runners

  • Pedestrian crossing
    time estimation

  • Time-To-Collision

  • Incident Detection

  • Illegal turning
    movement detection

  • View your Sensors’ Health

    Log into your dashboard and automatically see the condition of your sensors. Automated detection of sensor health status and automated maintenance requirements ensure longer sensor lifespans.

  • Set up Virtual Loops

    IndiGO iQ has proprietary developed virtual loop technology to capture road user data . Unlike inductive loops, these loops can be set up virtually in minutes with no need for expensive installation of sensors in the road and no ongoing maintenance costs. Virtual loops can also be stacked with one loop dedicated to cars and another for pedestrians, providing a wealth of traffic data.

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