Aalto University Selects Bluecity Solution to Monitor its Campus

Friday, July 15th, 2022 at 9:25 am. Published in by .
Lidar installation at Aalto University in Finland

Bluecity is happy to announce another European installation of its lidar and AI-powered traffic solution. The installation is on the campus of Aalto University in Finland. Bluecity will be collaborating on the project with Nodeon, its distributor in Finland.

Aalto University is located in Espoo, Finland, 16 kilometers from Helsinki. The university is interested in counting and classifying pedestrians and cyclists on campus, to monitor their behaviour and destinations.  The Bluecity solution uses lidar sensors to capture data about all road users in real-time.  The lidar solution can capture data in all types of lighting and weather conditions making it an excellent choice in regions with rain and snow. What’s more, the data captured is GDPR compliant, so citizen privacy is never compromised. 

The ability of lidar sensors to capture multimodal data makes it an ideal choice for detecting and classifying pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to counting and classifying, the solution also analyzes traffic data to provide detailed analytics like count data, trajectories and speed analysis as well as conflict and safety analytics.