Bluecity Obtains Funding from Michigan for Improved Road Safety Initiatives

Friday, August 12th, 2022 at 2:01 pm. Published in by .
City of Ann Arbor

Bluecity is pleased to announce that it has received funding from the state of Michigan for road safety initiatives in the City of Ann Arbor. In partnership with key universities, Bluecity and three other companies are involved in enabling four new mobility services to help address challenges across the state related to sustainable transit, roadway safety, parking and staffing shortages in the service industry. The funding will allow testing and deployment of mobility projects across the state and comes from the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform (MMFP). 

The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform provides grants to mobility and electrification companies looking to deploy their technology solutions in the state of Michigan. The grants focus on catalyzing and scaling solutions across three areas of focus, sustainable futures, equitability and multimodal transportation. The projects highlight the importance of partnerships between: companies working to develop future mobility; the state; and universities. Bluecity’s multimodal traffic data collection solution and its commitment to Vision Zero make the company an ideal recipient of the $100,000 grant. Vision Zero is a global initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries. 

Bluecity will collaborate with the University of Michigan, MCity and Velodyne Lidar to deploy its real-time traffic monitoring and data analytics solution to study road user behaviour at five intersections across Ann Arbor. Bluecity’s technology uses lidar and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the city with 24/7 safety data analytics, including speeding, red-light runners and near-collisions.  The safety analytics will allow Ann Arbor to play a more proactive role in protecting vulnerable road users.

The Bluecity solution will also provide Ann Arbor with signal performance measures that can improve traffic light timing.  The city will be able to identify operational issues and optimize traffic flow so there is less ‘stop and go’ and less time spent in traffic. The partners in this project will also be able to build new applications that integrate with the Bluecity solution, such as the sharing of real-time traffic data with connected vehicles. 

Bluecity is committed to achieving Vision Zero by making streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with its lidar-based multimodal traffic platform.

Aalto University is located in Espoo, Finland, 16 kilometers from Helsinki. The university is interested in counting and classifying pedestrians and cyclists on campus, to monitor their behaviour and destinations.  The Bluecity solution uses lidar sensors to capture data about all road users in real-time.  The lidar solution can capture data in all types of lighting and weather conditions making it an excellent choice in regions with rain and snow. What’s more, the data captured is GDPR compliant, so citizen privacy is never compromised. 

The ability of lidar sensors to capture multimodal data makes it an ideal choice for detecting and classifying pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to counting and classifying, the solution also analyzes traffic data to provide detailed analytics like count data, trajectories and speed analysis as well as conflict and safety analytics.


For more information, read Lt. Governor Gilchrist’s announcement here.

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