Dubai Chooses Bluecity’s Lidar and AI Solution to Gather Traffic Data

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 at 9:21 am. Published in by .
Lidar installation in dubai

Bluecity is pleased to announce that the City of Dubai has installed the company’s lidar and AI-powered solution at one of the city’s main intersections. This preliminary installation is part of a pilot project that will test the lidar solution’s ability to count road users. Bluecity has been working on the project with its distributor Velodyne EMEA and Scientechnic, a local system integrator.   

Bluecity’s solution uses lidar sensors to count and classify different types of road users in real time and analyzes traffic data to provide detailed analytics like count data, trajectories and speed analysis as well as conflict and safety analytics. Lidar sensors are preferable to other methods such as cameras because they can capture and classify road users in all types of lighting and weather conditions. They are also privacy-friendly as they don’t record people’s faces and license plates.

The City of Dubai is first testing the accuracy of the solution in counting vehicles. Once accuracy has been confirmed, the solution will be integrated into traffic light controllers for traffic actuation. When a vehicle is detected by Bluecity’s AI solution, the information is automatically transferred to the controller for actuated traffic signals. Traffic actuation helps improve the flow of traffic along a corridor, reducing stop and go traffic.  Bluecity’s own studies have shown that the count accuracy of lidar sensors is greater than 97.5%.

Bluecity is committed to making streets safer for all road users and envisions a world where traffic accidents are rare, driving to work is a pleasure and carbon emissions are reduced.