News on IndiGO and Boca Raton

Thursday, August 12th, 2021 at 10:30 am. Published in by .

The City of Boca Raton in Florida is now enjoying the valuable insights of IndiGO’s real-time traffic data. It has proven to be the ideal solution for a busy intersection near the beach where many pedestrians and cyclists travel. The city chose IndiGO because of its ability to provide real-
time data about all road users, and specifically, the more vulnerable ones.

The city had been using a combination of technologies but was still experiencing a real-time data gap. Bluecity’s IndiGO solution fills this gap by combining lidar sensors and artificial intelligence to provide multimodal traffic data analytics in real-time. Its artificial intelligence transforms raw data into safety analytics for improved planning. IndiGO’s dashboards allow users to log into their account and view intersections where the lidar is installed, visualize their mobility usage, filter the parameters and download the data.

IndiGO’s ability to collect traffic data in all types of weather and lighting conditions was another factor in the decision. The intersection’s location near the ocean meant adverse weather is a common occurrence. The city was also pleased with the lidar sensor’s ease of installation and the support it received during the onboarding and installation phase. This included connection to the Boca Raton fiber network and remote configuration of the sensor. The project went live in July 2021 and the city is very pleased with the results.

Bluecity’s goal is to make streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We envision a world where traffic accidents are rare, driving to work is a pleasure and carbon emissions are reduced. To learn more about IndiGO visit here.