Rüsselsheim am Main Selects Bluecity’s Technology to Monitor Truck Traffic and Improve Air Quality

Friday, March 11th, 2022 at 10:52 am. Published in by .
Russelsheim am Main

The city of Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany, has selected Velodyne Lidar’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution powered by Bluecity to monitor and report banned trucks.

The solution is fully-GDPR compliant which was a requirement for the city. The project was developed and coordinated with the Hessian state government Freedom of Information officer. Lidar technology does not identify facial features and license plate numbers.

Lidar emits pulsed light waves that bounce off surrounding objects. By using the time of takes for each pulse to return to the sensor, lidar can recreate an intersection in 3D and follow moving object. Bluecity’s AI perception layer is used to classify and identify the different types of road users and analyses traffic data to provide detailed analytics like count data, trajectories and speed analysis as well as conflict and safety analytics.

Installed at 16 intersections, Bluecity’s solution is used to detect and report trucks travelling on the heavily traveled access roads used to enter and exit the city. In Rüsselsheim am Main, trucks are banned in an effort to reduce road congestion as well as air and noise pollution.

Read the press release here.