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Pricing Options


Flexibility is at the heart of all Bluecity pricing options.
We understand that each city has specific needs, and we collaborate with you to
develop a pricing solution that meets those needs.

Our convenient pricing models include:

  • PaaS


    A flexible, monthly fee for equipment and software that allows you to avoid large capital expenses.


    One-time Payment

    Purchase your equipment and pay for your software for a select period of time in one transaction.

  • Balanced

    Combined Payments

    Pay for a portion of your equipment and software while spreading the remainder over a select period of time.

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  • Pay-

    Engineering and consulting firms appreciate our Pay-per-Use Pricing options. Avoid large capital investments in equipment and use only what you need to perform traffic studies. Our pricing is very competitive and provides you with flexibility.

  • Volume

    Volume pricing is available for all models.
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  • Distributor

    Interested in becoming a distributor?
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