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Cost Effective Intelligent Transport Data and Actuation Solutions

Bluecity AI™

Lidar Sensors, AI and Actuation Capabilities

Suggested at $20,000 USD per intersection
One-time fee

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    3D Lidar Sensor
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    NVIDIA Edge Processor
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    Multimodal Detection and Classification
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    Count Data
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    Integration Into Traffic Controllers
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    Local Network Realtime API

Bluecity iQ™

Visualization and Analytics

Suggested at $3,600 USD per year per intersection
Yearly Subscription

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    Visualization of Count Data
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    Speed and Trajectories Analytics
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    Conflict Analysis and Streaming
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    Red-Light Runners and Jaywalking
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    Signal Performance Measures (SPM)
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    Signal Performance Measures (SPM)


Volume pricing is available for all models.


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A Superior Technology

Bluecity's lidar and AI solution offer many advantages over other technologies.


Our studies have shown that the accuracy of the Bluecity solution when counting vehicles is 97.5%. 
When measuring speed, the accuracy ranges from 92% to 96% depending on the vehicle’s average moving speed.

Yes, lidar sensors are accurate and reliable in all weather and lighting conditions. Unlike cameras, lidar sensors don’t need clarity to see the objects. Rain and snow do not obscure the sensor so maintenance is minimal.

The lidar sensor can be installed in a location where occlusion will be limited. When this is not possible, a second lidar sensor can be added to cover the entire intersection.

Bluecity’s solutions were designed with scalability in mind. Installing additional lidar sensors at the intersections you want to cover is quick and easy. You can then access the data from multiple intersections on our Bluecity iQ platform.

Bluecity does not install the hardware. The city or the system integrator will perform the installation which is usually very quick and easy.

One lidar sensor is usually enough to cover an entire intersection. For larger intersections, or if there are many obstacles, 2 sensors might be needed to ensure greater accuracy.

The lidar sensor and edge box are owned by the client after a pilot project is finished.

Bluecity is being used with great success in Canada, United States, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel, United Arab Emirates, India and Australia

Bluecity integrates with traffic light controllers and third party applications. Contact us to confirm the integration with a specific type of controller or application.